Sunday, August 12, 2007

text to go with the images

thanks to the very kind Jean - F for somehow taking the images and getting text from the July 15th entry of vintage comics here:

The last several weeks has been an exercise round of geraldine for me
alone in the city. I had found of building and workmen who were
interested in earning a bonus and the revating was now finished I had written
the girls, telling that we were just about ready to open up shop, and
this morning I had just received a wireasking me to meet sally at the
airport as she was coming ahead alone.
The plane was already in and I saw sally the minute I enetered the
airport. I noticed many other heads turnn as she hurried towards me, and
this was double understandable for her face and figure alone would have
made her stand out in any crowd, but what drew the most attention was
the tiny wasit-lenght fur cape hanging loosely over her covering and
revealing at the same time. The fact that there were no arms beside the
She rushed right into my arms and it seemed most natural thing in
the world... Finally when we got our breath she told me about her trip
-- as only a girl can-- "Sylvia didn't want me to tey it alone but I
convinced her finally --It was most exaiting thing; everybody was trying
to helm me --one man tripped and fell over a litte boy --I think he was
staring at me --The pilots were awfully sweet. Four guys tried to date
me --the poor old guy sitting beside me fed me my dinner and he was so
nervous, he spilled coffee all down my front --the stewardess helped
to clean it up--" and so on till we arrived at her friends house were
she was going to stay.
I was more than delightfully surprised there. For it turned out tothat
Sally's freinds were all bondage enthuastics.
Manacled and gagged maid was combing the hostesses hair - she couldn't
do it herself because she was securetly bound to a straigh wooden
chair. Wooden strape were laced to the backs of her bare legs at the calf
and at the heel. And the feets were cruelly bend till the bottom leg
almost forced her feet to touch the boards. She noticed me as I was looking
at her feet and she said, "I know they're not the not xxx but my
husband want me to develope high arch and if have any better ideas, i'd be
glad to hear of then."
Turning to Sally i said, "honey, this young lady looks like our first
customer. We'll have to arrange an appointmentfor her."
"O-kay, Boss" Sally said, "now come along and meet some more
prospective customers."

The next morning Suzie and Silvia appeared in davatating costumes wich
they called "modelling mittens" Sylvia had her arms done again in the
sheath behind her back, and Suzie was wearing an abreviated
short-arm-jacket, with her arms doubled and laced up about inside the leather
sleeves. I told them they couldn't go out in public like that and they knew
we were going to see the place I had been working on, but Sylvia said,
"Silly going to be wearing capes till we get there so who's
going to see?" And i really didi get the idea a few moments later for Sally
entered the room looking lovely and wery mysterious clothed in a long
gray cape that actually reached to the floor. i soon had all three
sisters fixed up alike and more than one person turned to stare at the
three pretty girls as demurely attired. Sally laughed and said, "I wonder
what they'd think if they saw us without the capes."
We reached the building without accidnet and I enjoyed the girls
enthuaism over what I had done. The old building was in fine neighborhood
and was five stories high. The first floor was high-celinged asn was
primarily to be used as an show-room, and I also had in mind the thought
that it could be used to grat advantage for private parties and dances
wich were to be an important part of our set-up. there was also small
reception room and office on the first floorand then i took girls to the
second floor where there were fitting rooms and workrooms etc., etc.
But it was almost time for our first customer so the girls had to be
prepared as I got to do it.
We had told Gladys we'd find some appropiate foot-wear for her and
Sylvia first abowed off in polished aluminium foot-bracers which were
locked in place and did not have to be removed when bathing. Suzie wore
laced leather stockingswith the toes tied back with nylon cords. A she
explainend the the stockings were to be worn at night Then sally made her
entrance with beautiful toe-boots just to show Gladys how atactive the
foot & leg could really bend also to show the ease of wearing such

When the curtain parted this time, Sally stood there looking just about as charming and exiting an desirable as any one I had ever seen. her fascinating "armlesness" was enhanched by a tiny plack cape trimmed with white fur. Her tightly-laced venus jacket was of gleaming black kid-skin, and in stiking contrast, her maginifient hips were sheathed in brief, skin-tight shorts of white satin. she stood there with her long lovely legs straight and her feet maginfiously together. at first glance it seemed as tough she was wearing a pair of xxx chain-thing sandals with rdiculously high heels, but a closer examination showed that the sandals were in reality only one, with a single sole, and with single ankle hands with chained bot her slender ankles smoothly and tightly.
I said, "Sally, will you model them please."
She told, "Certainly, Johnie, if you'll help me down please."
I lifted her down from the little stage and then with short hops she moved toward our client so that he could examine her footwear more closely. Left another pair and I told hin that the were practically xxx desing which I had made in Germany. I had seen the originals in a small xxx shop and the shop-keeper told me a fascinating story of their history.
A Rich Baron had very young and very beautiful wife and he loved her more than anything or anyone in the world --but he also had a younger brother and his love for his brother was almost as great as her love for her wife. In a hunting accident, the younger brother was seriously wounded. The Baron ahd to ride for help and wife was told not to leave the young mans side. But she tired of waiting in the small xxx and walked out alone the road to meet her returning husband. Delirious, the younger brother rolled from his mat, opened the would and beld to death. As atonoment to Baron had the sandals made and when fitted securely about her feet asn anvill was bought in and the ankle bands were riveted permanently in place. until the day of her death, the baronness wore this bizarre badge of her guilt.
our client liked the story and he liked the single sandal even better. I had excused Sally with friently pat to the tummy as she hopped around the room. and I had home work to do so it was some time later when I went to excuse the girls for the day. I though Sally has gone to her room but Sylvia said she had.
as seen her lately as them i started a real search. I felt that several of the girls were jealous of the authority I had given Sally and xxx try to get even with her. I was so pleassed for I had finally found herin a small closet. Tightly masked and gruelly bound. Her legs had been doubled back and bound to a ring in a leather mask. I got her free as soon as I was able and i was pretty ssure about the whole mess. Sally was a expected that she could hardly get her legs straightned out and she coudn't keep bas a low sigh as I gently massaged her neck and shoulders.
sally wouldn-t say who was guilty, but I knew only one of the models had had her arms free and Sylvia had wouched the other two, because she had released them herself as I had some other persons not accused for and that was none-other that kid-sister Judy. I said "Sally there are going to be wery sorry young ladies around here tomorrow."


---LATEX--- said...

Dear Doll.
Thank you for sharing your blog with us, and provide us with both interesting reading, information and tidbits about yourself.
As a long time closet latex lover, I am not able to indulge myself as other fortunate people can, but I take in others experience and fantasies as well as the occasional photo or movie.
You and your blog makes a very nice rest area for me here on the Internet, and I hope you will continue publishing your thoughts, experiences, stories and news here for all to read.
What I craved when I read this story was of course the continued part, which I hope you will enter shortly, and then some photos to spice up the imagination.

Thanks again for sharing!


SanderO said...

Just a small thing I just noticed in the header of the blog...

The spelling of whether is incorrect. It's not wether.

As a bad typist and speller... it's odd when I can spot one mispelled.

marqu said...

Hi ---Latex---

Please check the link provided in the introduction of this story and visit the website mentioned in the (single) comment.
There you will find the entire story with all the drawings and you won't have to wait until it may be posted in the blog.


Luiz said...

Amusing , I liked