Thursday, August 09, 2007

latex leggings cause debate with fashionistas

i know i am still obsessing a bit over latex leggings in fashion magazines. i guess in part that i don't own a pair and its an item thats crossing over into mainstream and seems to being accepted. its like a validation for me in some ways, and a more plausable excuse when i start wearing them in public.

so googling as i do i found a great forum called 'the fashion spot' with an entire thread dedicated to them with loads of comments, debates and images from fashion magazines as well of comparisons between different types. apparently the new Americal Apparel are the ones to go for as non-latex but almost latex ones.

the thing is that they do look very good with a range of different clothing types. so as much as the fetish angle appeals to me, its the look thats going to sell it to a range of women.

the thread is here if you want to read up on this new trend.



blackice said...


There's an American Apparel opening in Brighton sometime soon on the main road. I saw staff training when I passed by today and there's already mannequins in the window with the rubber like leggings. So fingers crossed it attracts women who go for the cyber chrome leggings or the basic black ones.


Anonymous said...

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