Saturday, August 25, 2007

from words to pictures..

it seems that long form fetish fiction is drying up, those still writing are turning to computer software to make comic strips. one such writer and illustrator is Jay Petto and his collection of short stories are to be found at Jay Petto's Puppet Smut.

for his most recent work you'll need to head over to the dollfiction yahoo group. his new 'Puff Piece' now with added part two is here. you'll need to join the group to check it out.

wonder why people aren't using second life to make comics in a similiar way? anyone want a model? ;-)



Anonymous said...

I'm loving the pic. ^_^

Jay Petto does good work. Though I think the picture could have used a bit more know, because renders tend to look a bit "plastic" on their own anyway, it would have helped a bit to make the difference a bit clearer.

Or not. ^_^ Ambiguity can be good too.

(yep, this almost makes up for BlackIce's "piglet" pic there...almost, *lol*)

Keep up the good work, Asudem, Jay, and everyone!

--Brad Poe

MadBirdCZ said...

Well it is quite hard (and I mean like... you know... really hard) to get the lighting in Poser to look realistic and 'right'. Personally I would not blame just the lighting since it is not the only part that makes the render look artificial but let's not forget that we are talking amateur non profit work made just for fun and as such this image is great.

So thumbs up for Jay Peto and others who are still creative and active in this niche.

And the Second-Life idea, well... Don't take me wrong but the GFX in Second Life is still very sub-par compared to Poser and of course in Poser you have control over all aspects of the scene.. At the other hand, it would be interesting to see a Second Life captured comic. Could be fun to play the director ;)

K-8 said...

I think short TF-story film would be a fun way to use SL, but would take a bit of work (particularly the editing).

Jay Petto said...

I'm getting back into writing stories (did a doll story earlier this month) - the comics have just taken up a lot of my time lately. Part of that is the "new toy" aspect, as I've only been using DAZ|Studio for a little over a year. Then too, people make more requests for pictures & comics than they do for stories.

Madbird isn't kidding - setting up the lighting isn't easy. It's worse with comics, since you have to make sure the lighting looks right regardless of where a character is standing or what direction they're facing. At least with single images you only have to worry about one camera angle.

Anonymous said...

Ah, sorry about that then. ^_^ It's not a big deal, I still love the pic. Keep up the good work, never mind me.

--Brad Poe

Jay Petto said...

No sweat. I'll never be perfect, but I'm happy as long my work keeps improving :)