Wednesday, August 29, 2007

plastic mainstream clothing coming soon?

i heard about this in passing, in the business section of the newspaper if you would believe it. personally don't own a pair and i think the melissa's are way way more stylish.

there's a good anti-croc article is here.

now if melissa made clothing....


New step for Crocs: Clothes
Footwear firm will try to build on success of its clogs by launching new apparel line; shares climb.
August 27 2007: 2:31 PM EDT

NEW YORK ( -- Known for its wildly popular footwear, Crocs Inc. said it would take a step in a new direction by launching its own line of apparel.

Crocs (up $0.99 to $59.98, Charts) shares jumped 5 percent higher on the news but was trading up 1.5 percent in midday trade on the Nasdaq.

The Colorado-based company said it would produce clothing for men and children that incorporates its Croslite material, which is used in its popular line of clogs and sandals.

The company said it would launch the clothing line just before the holiday shopping season in October, and would later introduce a spring line of apparel.

more info on croc's here


Usagi said...

Personally, I have to do everything I can to keep from killing people I see wearing Crocs. Or as was recently said, "New Rule: Stop wearing plastic shoes. It was only a year ago when only preschoolers and mental patients wore these. But, now grownups all over America have gone “Croc” crazy. The latest step in our unending quest to dress as casually as humanly possible." Really, plastic outfits make you more of a doll? It's a stretch.

SanderO said...

I hate them

blackice said...

I really think they're incredibly ugly and even more so than the Ugg boots.

found this spoof apple/pc advert done by Croc:

there's a whole bunch of them but one was more than enough.


Usagi said...

Ugg boots make me feel like a teenager.

Plastic clothing should be banned.