Thursday, January 10, 2008

the 5 inch delima

i pretty well gave up on my 4 inch melissa's back at the begining of december when an online friend who is permently stuck in high heels - for years now, encouraged met to do the same. which really i do want too do. so since then i've been wearing my basic 5 inch heel pleaser's and occasionaly been stumbling around like a newborn foal in the 5.5's stiletto court shoes.

now i'm totally enthralled by the idea of wearing a peice of clothing that slowly transforms the wear and entraps them a the same time. very much like the story The Outfit by

it helps to think of this when i wear them, rather than just a fashion thing which of course is fine too. this heal training unlike the elements in the story is real and long lasting and i am already starting to feel the effects when i pad around the apt before bed and first thing in the morning. my calfs hurt, the back of my thighs up to my bum certianly does and i do put the 5's back on pretty well the second i'm out of the bath, where i notice the increasing arch of my feet.

the delima such as it is comes down to the sad storage of my other shorter shoes like my lovely collection of plastic melissa's, my low heeled Siger Morrison Rain or Shine knee high rubber boots and so on. as the heel height increases - and i mean _real_ heel height not counting stripper platforms, the range of shoes available as well as the makes dwindles to almost nothing. even my mary janes with the nice solid round heel are 4.75 inches and too low for my basic 5 training. same shoe in different colour doesn't count either.

so will keep at it as i want too but i'm not sure if i can live with about 3-5 pairs of shoes and boots.

and what happens when 5.5 inches become my norm or even higher? really there's not much out there.


PS: love these but if you look at them they're really not high heels but flats on an angle with a thick base:


Anonymous said...

--Regarding the shoes at the bottom, under your "P.S.", Asudem, you know....would your feet be able to tell the difference? Just asking, as that style, especially in something pink or clear or tan, would just *rule*. ^_^

--As for shopping...I know, I need to stop with this, but I keep getting the image in my head, someday soon, of you going shoe shopping with the baby pink tights on.... ^_^

And basically, as an ice-breaker, you *half* sarcastically introduce yourself like: "But I'm a barbie silly! My feet are plastic and I'm stuck on tiptoes *gigglesqueak*, so I *neeeed* kewty shoesies with the clicky high heeeeels, silly, *giggleses*...."

But hey...I know. ^_^ You might could pull it off at some point soon, but that's *so* not your style. ^_^

Just saying,

--Brad Poe

sick puppy said...

... I'd hate to spoil the fun, but can't this be quite bad? I'm telling you this because reading "increasing arch" has reminded me of my tendinitis problems due to pes cavus (high arched feet)

SanderO said...

What you want is flexibility and training is really about extending your muscles and tendons and does not force you to maintain a certain position.

Ballet dancers have very high arches, walk perfectly en point and can walk comfortable and beautifully in barefeet and flat shoes.

It's appears to be a myth that you are re forming your feet by training them to be more flexible (en pointe) or for wearing tall heels.

If you seriously mix it up you can wear whatever heel height you want without discomfort.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I don't know who wrote "The Outfit" but I'm not sure if it's It was always by 'anonymous' as far as I knew....

Anonymous said...

It would seem that you are hitting the four week quit period which is quite normal. Its a time when you question what you are doing before your actions become a habbit (which is usually after six weekes). In this case, it would seem that you are looking for an excuse to stop but I really wouldn't worry; there are plenty of shops which supply 5.5" and 6" heels in a wide variety of styles.

Although there is a bigger range of 5.5" heels available than 6" from companies such as Ellie, Pleaser and Divine or available online from shops such as bananashoes, one option is to discover local coblers who will make shoes to order. The prices are slightly higher but it means you will get exactly what you want.

Being averge is easy; you will only have the same issues as millions of people with very small or very large feet have. However, remember you are changing to be something you have always wanted to be and imagine how you will feel once you have achieved that.

Although its a pitty that you can't get 6" plastic shoes like the Melissas, I'm sure someone will start producing them if there is enough demand.

Anonymous said...

And I forgot to mention:

have a massive range of 6" heels.

Anonymous said...

cool they look like hooves you could probably tack on horse shoes

WendyB said...

I love that last pair of shoes.

Asudem Latex said...

yes but wendy it doesn't have any eyes, scales or wings on it.... :P