Friday, January 18, 2008

cellphone with living mannequins

i just had this email from blackice in the uk who was sponsored a new mobile phone by a friend who wants him to review it for an online magazine. essentially it's an iphone clone of sorts and he was very surprised when he turned it on and looked and the included media on it's 256mb micro sd card...:

Hi Jeannie

You won't believe this but the iphone clone phone - P168 which I purchasd off ebay to review; had a video of a band called 'Sweety' from asia somewhere. The opening scenes and most of the video is them posed as mannequins in a stylised window and only partly moving as if they're restrained or coming out of a long term trance.

The video and image qaulity on it is no where near Apples iphone but its unlocked, triband, 2 sims and can display photo's so not a total write off. The video files are teeny, about 5MB or so for a video so I'll send it over in a seperate email.

I asked Ed in Japan to do some searching but he had no luck in finding a better version of the video but said the name was Sweety - Misceivious Spouse and says its Tiawanese band.

above are the captures i did of the video and it pretty teeny image size. if anyone wants to see it i can forward it on from my yahoo account.

though much better is if someone can find a website or youtube with the full video at a size where you can see all the details?


thanks to greneker in comments for the youtube find of the video here


dapi said...

The 2 girls are called Sweety and the song in question is called Mischievious Spouse 淘气爱人

You can track down more like this at

greneker03 said...

this might help with a few Ive collected

Dosman! said...

Wow greneker, thanks for posting the video link!
It's hot!