Tuesday, January 22, 2008

three weeks in and half a latex doll?

one of my news years resolution's is to wear from now on permenantly all day latex on half my body. the idea was that it would be my light doll pink latex tights but i've slipped from that and been swaping back and forth from them to my basic skinny latex jeans.

now i'd be happy to wear the tights all the time i found they do interfer with my training in the 5.5s heels. the latex is simply too thick to get my feet into the shoes which aren't broken in at all and which i still can't really walk in yet. of course plain tights are fine - hense the skinnyjeans.

i was trying to get it burnt into my teeny dolly mind that i was half pink doll latex, which sort of works when i keep it up but more often than not i wear my skinny jeans now.

so there's this Q of being 1/2 doll latex vs wearing latex. and if i'm 1/2 doll latex then i end up covering up the latex with something else which kinda defeats it all now doesn't it?

generally at home (and i work part time away from the office) i'll be wearing my chocolate brown latex blouse once i'm back in and all weekend. i've also started to venture out in it, under my big winter jacket. still it getting me used to being out in latex in public.

i have also just noticed the ball of my feet have finally adapted to the 5 inch heels and i'm much more fluid and they're more comfortable now. the frount strap doesn't bite as my toes and the ball has bent too the right angle to go under the toe strap - as they're of course meant too - with the ball of my feet offering more support.

so progress is being made i think and shortly will have my modified catstuit, pink body and white body back and will start wearing those too with either the skinny jenas or tights. on monday i puchased long pink latex gloves off ebay in europe so with all three items combined i'd be mainly latex from neck to toes.

its all happening much more quicky....



Anonymous said...

Hey Asudem...

I was waiting for others to chime in here, as I didn't want to seem too obsessive or anything.

--It occurs to me that you could simply break in the 5.5 inch heels first, then start wearing the pink dolly legs again.

Or...you could scrape up some petty cash, see if you can't snag a looser pair of 5.5 inch heel mules to sleep in (the idea being, you strap them on your feet to sleep in them with the pink legs on).

Either way, there are ways to get around this. ^_^ I believe you can do it.

--Did I mention that pic you put up with this article is too cute for words?

--Oh, and one reason for my optimism is...I've been keeping an informal watch on the way you write in the blog. Nothing major or obesssive mind you...I've just been paying attention whenever it seems your syntax or word choice changes.

And while some of this may be typos, I really think there's a trend these days. ^_^ It seems as if you're talking *cuter* as you type. Granted, it's possible some of this is deliberate, but....

Go back, and see what you wrote this time a *year* ago. There is a difference.

At any rate, I hope this helps and that you find a way around this temporary setback. It shouldn't be a big problem for silly dolly at this point. ^_~

Take care,

--Brad Poe (who wonders why some of his dolls aren't online as often as they were once...granted, I've been busy out in the real world too, but still...)

Asudem Latex said...

that was my plan with the 5.5s, i'm pretty good now and don't need to clutch onto the walls when walking in them ;-)

i think you may actually be write about the tone and style being more dollish. its something thats happening and i'm not making any considered efforts for it. i do alot of blog updates with sl running and going back and forth where i am definately a doll there may have an effect?


WendyB said...

Oh, I love the idea of the skinny jeans! Wish we could see them!

Asudem Latex said...

i might cave and see if i can use a friends cellphone that has a camera built in and an sd card...


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