Sunday, January 13, 2008

cd insert doll

two scans kindly sent to me by regular correspondant jean-f from the insert in Tanja Turune's new cd. i've never heard of her but apparently she was a singer in a group called Nightwish. so thats a few female singers with doll-ish themes now?



Anonymous said...

It's actually Tarja Turunen

dapi said...

Here's the video

Anonymous said...

You know, after looking at the pics up close...

The thought did occur to me that, while having cute women around looking like that may well be the coolest thing *EVER*, it might also make life a bit too difficult socially.

It isn't so much that I couldn't talk to someone who looks like that.

It's that I just wouldn't be able to really accept that she's a person. ^_^ Maybe it's just the way the mini-stockings make her feet look detachable from a distance....or maybe it's the poofy skirt. Or the *really cute but totally fake looking* hair and makeup. Or just the posed way the photos were made.

But if I really ran into someone that cute, dressed like that, maybe moving a bit stiffly like that...I'd be *convinced* Ok? I just wouldn't see her as anything *but* a doll, and I can see where that would cause problems, *lol*.

A real woman looking like that might be a bit insulted or worried if all I did was make gushing cute noises over how pretty she was, and if I just didn't pay any mind to anything not toylike coming from her. ^_^

I swear there's some comedic material to be had here... *lol*.

Just saying...

--Brad Poe

dapi said...


Make up your mind! Do you want cute dolly looking ladies like the dollers and EGL's or do you want something else.

I swear that you would get upset if a cute, little Loligoth sat down next to you and started getting you hot and bothered.

Anybody else on this site would be getting serious evil ideas if they had someone like that in their grasp.

Anonymous said...

Recently i have seen "cute lil' EGLs" walking around my hometowns centre.

Seriously if dressing as a loli would be societys standard, especially for both sexes, erotc potental would soon drop off from picture.

dapi said...

You are supposed to dress in this fashion, laugh evilly and tie her to the nearest railway track.

Anonymous said...

--Nudges Dapi here...

Well...of course I'd *want it* mind you. ^_^ I've wanted it since I was a little boy and wondered why the cute poofy dresses were only worn by *dumb square dancers* and old women (if not both). :p

I'm just saying it would take a tiny bit of getting used to is all. After being denied hope of having living dollies with me in person for so long, well, I'd have to at least *ask if I was seeing things*, you know?

And I'm sure at least *one* such woman would get irritated with my treating her like a toy, literally. ^_^ It happens. But hey, what do I know?

If you want to give me further wedgies, Edo/Dapi, or Asudem, we can take it to email. ^_^

Sorry for the confusion....I was just saying it would be a change-up that would take some getting used to.

--Brad Poe