Sunday, January 27, 2008

your grandma wore 6 inch heels

assuming of course she was a model in one of the magazine reprints sold by texpix aka ebay seller Fetish Nostalgia.

the latest release is Fancy Femmes, Volume One of High Heel pinups from 1946 to 1954 from 8 Harrison Magazines. they feature models in 5 and 6 inch slightly thicker heels, lovely corsets, long legs and very funny advertisements (well from our point of view). check out a preview of it and others in the collections by clicking here. there's a range of vintage comics there as samples that are worth having a peek at.

wonder where all their costumes and lovely shoes ended up?



SanderO said...

I often wonder how the "fetish" look came to be so iconic... Can it be traced back through fashion history?

Do you think silk stockings and then sheer nylons played a big part?

Where to the stiletto heel come from?

What was the origin of the second skin tight bondage look? Before zips lacing was fairly common means to fasten garments. Leather also was used historically for clothes.

Regardless, somehow all these bits and pieces coalesced to become the iconic fetish look (definitely linked to bondage).

Anonymous said...


--I think that more straightforward, tie-me-up types of bondage can be traced squarely back to France and the Marquis de Sade. Sure, torture had previously existed, but nobody had thought to add a sexual element to it before.

--As for fashion-oriented "fetish", I honestly think it's got a lot to do with the way fashion, particularly women's fashion, goes through cycles and does so fairly quickly.

Men's fashion once did this too, but the whole "sans coulottes" thing that started with the American Revolution and continued in France's revolutions pretty much *locked* menswear into a "shirts/pants" mode ever since.

But with women's clothes....the historical trend since about 1500 or so has been to *alternate* between "simple, loose" cycles and "tighter, structured" cycles every 20-30 years or so. This was really obvious in the 1800s, when you had a shift to loose "empire dresses", and then back again to the poofy, hoop-skirted and corseted look fairly quickly, in a 50-year span.

The result? People are *born* during one cycle, see their mothers dress one way, and as they grow up, they then see most women dress in *another, opposite* way.

And not to get Freudian on anyone, but it might be possible that the desire is in part an iconic need to be "retro" or to be "pretty like mommy" or to simply be "old-fashioned".

Combine *this possibility* with the consequences of feminism sending many of the women's previous fashions to the dustbin, and you get an *explosion* of "forbidden fruit" fashions, many of which people *remember faintly* from their earliest years. Suddenly, the tight, structured look becomes not just the "new" feminine, but the "covert" one as well. confuse it all even more.

Pop psychology aside, often times these "forbidden fruit" fashions are the ones that *stimulate* the senses more. Corsets and high heels alter the way a person moves, stands, walks, at *minimum*.

And a *lot* of the materials qualify as "tight-n-shinies" as well: silks, satins, nylons, lycras, leathers, PVCs, latex, and so on. They render a body smooth, sleek and flawless. It becomes like *well kept* female skin, only "better", by way of being shinier and tighter than humanly natural.

So in short, it feels good to us, it's a "forbidden fruit" type of decadence in a modern (but still uptight) society, and for some of us it may be a throwback to things we *faintly* recall seeing and hearing (in an idealized, rich-memory form) from our earliest years.

Just my plug nickel,

--Brad Poe

SanderO said...

Interesting comment BP, Do you suppose DeSade cooked of sexual SM all by himself? It would seem he more likely was a vocal advocate of something that was around him.

I find it hard to believe he invented S&M.

Anonymous said...

Well, like I said, torture had previously existed, so it may be that there were others who were turned on by being tied up, or by their aches and pains...

Thing is, DeSade *wrote* about these things as well. He was the one to let folks know "they weren't alone" in their oddities.

I mean, sure, with the feudal emphasis on lords, ladies, lashings and servitude, there was likely plenty of *sadistic conduct* to go around...

But what DeSade did was, he made it *conceivable* that folks could like that stuff, in an erotic or romantic fashion. I'd say before then that any *sexual* S&M that was going on was in isolated pockets, where the people involved thought *they were the only ones* who did this...

Rather like the way the whole ASFR-dolling-mind control thing is now, wouldn't you say?

Just my thoughts,

--Brad Poe

Anonymous said...

sorry, out of the topic of this post but dont know how to send it to you.

take a look to the poster of the movie Dumplings (2004) a south asiatic horror movie.

I think the movie itself has no manequin content.

texpix said...

Many thanks for writing about Fancy Femmes, Volume One.

Fancy Femmes, Volume Two has been e-published and is available here:

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I'm curious.Why is it so many women do not use clothing to intimidate,arrouse,seduce, & control men? Perhaps I'am a bitch, but I love dressing very sexy, & often times in fetish leather attire. The reactions I get when I go out alone or with one of my sugar darlings dressed completly in the finest of skin tight black kidskin is still soooooo exciting.What I at first found odd was I'm not showing much skin but men react as if I'm naked. Take for example last weekend one of my wealthier darlings flew me to New York where he was on a buisness trip. A driver & a limo I was to meet up with at 11:00 am to go to the airport.Well I was in a very wicked mood as I only packed black leather clothing & a full length silver fox coat.All I wanted was to cause a stir at the airport both leaving & arriving.I wore a black kidskin dress that went about 2 inches below my knees that buttons up the back.It also has a slit in the back about 6" long & a Mandarin collar.I had it made for me from the best butter soft leather with an incredable shine. It fits like it is painted on & knee high lace up 6" stilletto heel black leather boots look great with it.It's sleves are long & puffed with wide & long gauntlet cut cuffs.I like wearing a very wide ( 14")black leather belt with it & did. I also love to wear a lot of make up & do my eyes smokey, deepset, & almond shaped.I use a lot of eyeliner,mascara & shadow .Then the longest false lashes & dark deep red lipstick. I coat them very thick then 3-5 coats of clear gloss.Long dangling diamond earrings with a matching bracelet go on. But before the bracelet go on un-lined elbow length high shine top quality kidskin gloves that are adorned with a couple diamond rings & bracelets.I was putting the essentials into my Gucci clutch & I looked into the mirror.I decided to wear a black wide brim funeral hat with veil so I was adjusting that when the bell rang.It was the car & driver.He got my bags & put them in the car.I handed him my fox & had him drape it collar up over my shoulders.I got into the car & enjoyed a cigarette in a 12" holder en-route to the airport.I noticed the driver could not stop looking into his mirror at me so in my smokeyest sexiest voice I asked him if he liked what he saw.He was very polite but very obvious about his enjoyment .He even asked why it is that more women do not look hot & sexy & it's affect on men when they see one or more ladys with that confidance & attitude.I love to wear clothing that will draw attention.At the airport everyone watched him drape my fur over my shoulders then my entrance to get my ticket.Good thing it was a private flight as security may have been a minor problem, but even the luggage police could not stop from being overwhelmed by my desireability & fetish sex appeal.Never have I seen a male repress how it gets to them even when they try not to keep looking or being obvious. I just do not know how women repress their desires for being able to use men however they like.

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