Thursday, January 10, 2008

natori mask on ebay

the current pinnacle of realistic female masks are made in japan by natori who i've been told no longer is taking any more orders. they are rarely seen besides online and in books, but if you have enough money there's one on ebay here which will end Jan-13-08 12:53:25 PST.

its currently a snip at US$760 and has five bids.

from what i've been told by someone who owns one, they're made from amazingly detailed but thick scilicon which makes them pretty heavy to wear. too see out of one there's slight eye holes in the glossy eyes, just off centre from the pupil.

they're definately closer much closer to what a mannequin would look like if you could actually wear a mannequin shell... well one day possibly.


1 comment:

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