Saturday, January 05, 2008

Naomi - the silver robot

on the cover a 'telephone book thick' magazine found by RH at the "Grove" which he described as a "highfalutin mall" in Los Angeles. thanks!

he didn't buy it since it was so thick so we don't know if there's any relationship between the cover and the inside feature articles.

as winter rose would point out - this is a pretty old fashion shoot photo and there is a complete set of images out there on the net - somewhere. curious how it all floats around and slowly seeps into mainstream media.

strangely they day the email arrived with the link, i was scrubbing out my oven with a pair of similiarly coloured silver rubber dish gloves. would make a great catstuit too.



ch_ill_er said...

The series is from Seb Janiak and can be found here:

Just have a look at the "Editorial"

WendyB said...

Nice cover.