Saturday, January 05, 2008

more latex dolls

with anime mask of some sort. thanks too Ivan GL for the finds and emailing them in.

anyone know more about the mask?

i am still very much in two minds about the female latex masks.

so far the best i've seen are the Rubber Sister ones which turn out to be from Kerry, but with alot of makeup work / paint done to them to make them as you see them in all the photos. that matched with real quality wigs worn properly makes all the difference. alot of the masks that are out there a just a bit freakish imho and i wouldn't wear them.

i would wear something that gave you the head of a pretty mannequin or that reproduced a barbie in exact details like the one for the lottery commercial. still waiting on doc vanderlay's new set of masks as the images he sent to me and i posted earlier this year looked very promising indeed and maybe he'd send me one free! :-)



Angelinadoll said...

I hope you have seen the work done by this Japanese mask maker:

Even though they are said to be a bit bulky they sure look great!

Zoƫ Robinson said...

The masks are part of Kigurumi; a form of masked cosplaying. See for more info.

Terrence said...

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