Friday, January 25, 2008

new story: ragedy anne

i just had a look at gromets plaza this morning and saw it had been updated with a new story called ragedy anne where a woman starts to make her ultimate ragedy anne outfit. does real life parrellel fictional life i wonder as the authoress has a website selling custom dressed dolls with a definated anime theme at here website



Anonymous said...

That is a picture of the well known cosplayer Lindze. Her website is at and there are several more pictures of her in that outfit. (It's her "Alice in Wonderland" outfit.)

It upsets me somewhat that Gromet carefully puts a note to say the story is "used by permission" of Maddy Bell, yet Lindze's picture is used with no such permission.

Asudem Latex said...

yes, i see your right. the original photo is here:

so this is the second time that this has happend. do i stop putting images up or only from magazines?

if i don't know the source and they're not huge or a full sequence then what do i do?


SanderO said...

This intellectual property thing is out of hand.

People who want to sell their images should be very very careful about where they end up and if it is in the popular press or media expect that it will be copied occasionally, and not for the purpose of making money.

If someone IS making a bundled with appropriated material then a law suit is in order or a cease and desist at the very least. But the odd use is not theft and may even be GOOD publicity.

If you want to be safer, simply note where you copied the image from and be prepared to remove it if the "owner" objects.

Interesting that a photographer can ask YOU to sign your rights to the use of YOUR image... and he makes money off it.

blackice said...

Hi Everyone

From a photographers point of view, who ever takes the photo owns the photos. The rights can be shared assigned etc as needed.

Photo's for these fetish / porn sites are sold in groups of whatever number is decided upon. So I really doubt a single image here and there will raise any issues and is also good PR for the original site. If asked Jeannie, then delete the image in question.

I'm just about to sign up to a photo agency and they'd sell the use of images on a indivual case dependent on media type and circulation.

But in the case of pure porn site, its bulk rather than imagination, creativity or even attractiveness of the models/photo's.

Thats what I've learned so far anyway.