Thursday, January 10, 2008

not just naomi in chrome

but also plastic women for harper's bazaar by photographer sebjaniak whose homepage is here.

look in editorial. you'll also find more in the series, some other uses of plastic like sheen on models and a distictively ASFR vibe in some images.

i've seen these before somewhere, maybe scans in image collections though for the life of me i'm not sure where.

thanks to ch_ill_er for the find.



Anonymous said...

Is this just photoshop?

WendyB said...

Looks cool.

blackice said...

Hi Everyone

Looks to me like its a combination of a few things, mainly good lighting to get any reflections working like liquid plastic and then a glossy syropy like liquid.

And a willing model of course.

The trick to getting very good latex shots is in the song 'Black Cars look better in the Shade' which they do. So do women in latex catsuits as demonstrated by Bob Carlos Clarke.

You need alot of white reflective surfaces and light.

I have a shoot planned one day with a very large quantity of this ink black slime which reflects even in poor light.


Delgadooagn said...

Looks cool.