Sunday, January 20, 2008

melissas a go go

i had an email flyer through from the bazilian online shop that sold me my melissa's and while i'm not going to buy any more i did have a look at their site again. besides the sale there wasn't much there new and certainly nothing with 5 inch heels which i apparently am sooo close to being stuck in.

so i pop'd over the only real enlish online pressence in australia at unsurprisingly and noticed they'd massively revamped the site with galleries of past appearances of my favourite plastic shoes. in fact my pair were on the cover of vogue! i so have taste ;-)

the pair i don't have which i'd had my eye on are the short boot versions with a wedge heel also made by the same designer as the scoop wedges - still my prefered 4 inches heels. i managed to get the normal shoe version off ebay in the middle of last year from ebay and the frount does have open panels which means if the boots are the same they're totally useless as rainboots.

still the deep pink plastic is lovely...

will they ever expand into rain boots with heels? who do i need to petition?



Anonymous said...

Heh. ^_^ I just had a pervy moment.

What I've wondered for ages and ages is...could the Melissa plastic be made soft and pliant enough to be plastic *underwear*?

I know, sounds weird, but there have been soft gel bracelets previously, and soft gel sandals were once a hit recently with the younger ladies. And I'm *not*, strictly speaking, thinking of Croc material, ok? That might be too hardcore (and hard, and scratchy, etc.).

What I'm thinking would be *soo cool* to run into a young lady with tight, perfectly pert doll-breasts...I'd date her, we'd get home (hers or mine) and underneath her top, is a firmly molded pink gel-plastic bra that shapes her breasts in the Mattel manner, and gently flattens the tummy besides, without being *as* restrictive as a longline bra or corset....

I dunno. ^_^ Maybe I'm having too many visions of the 70s *Barbarella* movie, and of a young Jane Fonda's Acrylic Breastplate. Maybe my first exposure to hard, shiny breasts molded *me* too much, *lol*.

But I could see it being doable.

And maybe it would beat the alternative: wearing the hot, thick, cumbersome foam-dipped latex counterpart.

Who knows?

--Brad Poe

(who wishes Asudem could have her cake and eat it too....couldn't Melissa Shoes *use* our esteemed Asudem Latex as a spokesmodel, and then make *custom* 5-inch plastic shoes for her as payment for her endorsements?)

Asudem Latex said...

the soles of the melissa's are pretty solid but the material itself is very soft plastic and bendy too. much much more so than a pair of rubber boots for example. so a corset torso is really do-able - i thought of it already along with the high heeled rain boots.

as to wether they'd do them or not? well i don't know. probably needs a designer from a colder climate to suggest it all.

on the corset idea, i wish someone would do a knock off or a variation of the lockable silver chrome waspe that was in all the fashion mags


blackice said...


A note on the solid colour leggings and tights, there's alot around in Brighton at moment. Could be down too all the university students in town as well as new media companies.

AA just opened a store here and I think they make thier oh so pretty staff wear the clothes as sort of models.

That said I'm just back from town an old Marks & Spencer has mannequins with neon pink tights and dress.


WendyB said...

I LOVE those!