Sunday, January 27, 2008

more and more...

latex is part of me and who i am. i know it now.

tommorrow will be 4 weeks - time has flown by and i've gotten into the routine of either the pink tights or my skinny jeans from getting dressed in the morning till getting into bed at night.

i'd never thought i'd make it this far wearing latex on half my body for those many weeks. and i have. not only that - today i went shopping in town and managed to do it with my admittedly big winder coat that goes to my knees, but otherwise i was top to toes latex with my skinny jeans and chocolate brown long sleeved blouse.

was really nervous at first but after the first hour or so when i realised i wasn't getting any weird looks or people pointing at me i was able to relax though knowing obviously i was dressed this way. no one noticed, cared or commented.

when the sun came out and i was in the starbucks i even opened the coat up all the way to reveal my clothes and well i had too as it would be too hot otherwise. not a peep from the girl serving me.

it was exactly like my fear and paranoia (and a bit of freaking out) when i wore my polished stainless steel eternity into the office for about three days running. i had a story about it ready and no one said anything except for one comment asking where i got it. my work collegue liked it and saying it was done by another friend in jewely / art college who now works in the village and that seemed to keep her happy and maybe even a bit jealous as i said it was pure silver.

all this now for me is not a fantasy, or a test run even. i know it will be head to toe in latex much much sooner than i expected. i'm craving enclosure now almost like some sort of drug - although the closest i come to drugs is my morning espresso. still you get the idea. ;-)

after todays walk and shopping. i feel inside me that i accpet it and its part of me and its ok to be it. its not really sunk in totally yet but its definately becoming very solid...



SanderO said...

That's great. So many people have anxiety about wearing latex and especially in NYC no one cares! Once you realize that by doing it... the world feels like a different place.

Go for it!

sick puppy said...

This is great.