Sunday, May 11, 2008

the chrome belt

the D+G chrome waspie belt or corset has been filling the fashion pages for some months now.

has any one seen in their web travels someone doing something even remotely similar? hopefully much much cheaper? even sheets of sterling silver is not that expensive.

another thought hits me. i wonder if it comes with a spare set of keys.... or if the celebs and models wearing them do so out a secret thrill of the BDSM aspects?

i think they do a matching pair of cuffs too ;-)


ps; been thinking that its time to start corset training.


WendyB said...

I love that belt; it's fierce!

rubber roo said...

gorgeous belt! would love one! and maybe lose the key...opps! ;p

Asudem Latex said...

i'm really surprised no ones made something even vaguely similar already. maybe i'm not looking hard enough?


Anonymous said...

This surprises me too.

There is no real shortage of materials--latex or lycra--with metallic finishes. How hard can it be to make a sleek *corset cover* with a chrome finish that fits over regular waspie corsets?

Serious here. Folks are using chrome-based inks and dyes to make metallic finishes on _T-shirts_, so the tech isn't that hard or pricey. The only real catch, I hear, with the chromed tees is that they have to be washed cold and *air dried*.

Which shouldn't be an issue for the *dry clean only* stuff that corset wearers *routinely* deal with. The only thing I can think of is that most *corsets themselves* tend to be made of thicker and rougher materials when made of cloth, which rather makes the finish hard to do directly....

Which is why you get a separate *corset cover*, duh.

But maybe I'm missing something obvious. Who knows? The *look* doesn't seem *that hard* to copy to me....

--Brad Poe (who might could make a fortune if he had the tailoring skills beefed up...)

yuki said...

if you really want something like that try ordering it from .they do high quality custom works aswell,just send them an email with what you want.

Anonymous said...

the D&G belt is actually laced on the back, so the lock is useless. and from the pictures about of it, its got quite a lot of spacce at the back.

Anonymous said...

I'm hoping someday that MOD (manufacture on demand) will be cheap enough to be in anyone's hands.

It's already started with 3D printing. If you've never seen it basically uses nothing more than inkjet technology to spray a glue like substance into a volume of powder one layer at a time. The powder hardens where it's been sprayed and when it's done.. you can pull a finished "part" out of the powder. There are other competing technologies that work similarly (lasers shining through goop, etc.) But what's awsome is that these machines just a few years ago used to cost $500K and up. Now they are dropping below $20K. And I have seen some desktop hobby models (very small build volumes) for just a couple thousand.

Well.. you end up with "parts" that feel like a "resin". They can be painted and such (although newer printers actually can print in color also), but anyway.. this isn't exactly something that you can wear. BUT you can then make a mold of the part.. and then manufacture that part out of any material that currently is used in any type of mold making process.

But even cooler is that research is being done to take raw materials, metal for example, and grind them into a dust. Mixed with certain chemicals.. the powder then can be hardened back into metal (or many other materials). It's more complicated than that.. but you get the idea. Thus the end result.. is that you may soon be able to "print" parts directly out of one of these machines in various materials.. metal.. rubber.. plastic.. and so on.

Thus.. not only could you design exactly what you want, like this "belt".. have it created in virtual 3D.. and literally "print" it out and you have it in your hands!! Not only that but it would be custome made to your EXACT measurements! :)

Hopefully sooner rather than later.. :)