Sunday, May 11, 2008

the problem of being in public in latex

isn't what you think it may be.

i've mainly been wearing my skinny jeans pretty well continuously up until the recent arrival of my new latex order of brown jodpurs and a pink blouse, so that's a lot. i've been wearing the jeans out on weekends when shopping and it wasn't till pretty recently i noticed two things: 1) that smooth surface of chlorinated latex can be rubbed off and 2) that sunlight can really damage latex.

i've seen various goths around with the spikey Craig Morrison backpacks that were pretty well white form UV damage but this was the first time i've seen anything i've worn start to go that way. probably down to me wearing just inside all the time. i bet most latex wearers are in the same boat and also only wearing it out clubbing or a night.

now another thing is to be more passible in public is that i don't polish my latex. the super shinyness is lovely but just stands out that much more than semi gloss smooth latex. there's two standards used my latex lovers - the blue polish and pure scilicon spray which is more an industrial lube than fetish item.

however another option i tried and it really works well and that's the stuff for car tires called 'Armoural'. it comes in a variety strengths and spray types and will bring any faded latex back to life and add a super gloss too it as well. the silicon gloss will eventually rub off though not for at least one outing.

is anyone else using Armourall? are there tips and techniques i should know about?

needless to say its a definite must have for any latex fetishists wardrobe and its much much easier to get than the other mainstays.



BurnRubberV8 said...

All the websites say to use silicon-based. I won't use Armor All on my car's tires (rubber) or interior (leather and vinyl). Reason is that Armor All products for tires were oil based and vinyl products were alcohol based. Both of which would dry out the surface. Supposedly Armor All may have changed formulas, but I guess read the bottle. On cars, I pretty much use only the brand Meguiar's. Their stuff is water or silicon based. I use the Gloss Tire Gel, which is a grape colored gel that you put on with a sponge. Spray on Armor All gets all over the place and is impossible to apply evenly.

Marcus said...

Armourall makes a seat polish, that I've used consistently on my rubber and it works a treat - I don't know about long term repeated use but I've been very happy with it.

Anonymous said...

I use "Caramba Silicone Spray".


rubber roo said...

i use various silicon sparys and a good cloth. I polish for the outside world, though usually a little harder for nights out. the key to prevent fade is to have a big selection of latex!!

Anonymous said...

"various silicon sprays and a good cloth" He's right this is the only way you should be shining yourself.