Friday, May 30, 2008

hoxton, london May 29th..

from Blackice:

"I was doing meetings in the old street area of London and was perched in an american styled dinner discussing organite and its effects on plant growth when I noticed that there was an American Apparel tucked in amongst the old run down shops of the area.

I spotted this couple getting something from another store and they re-emerged I had left the diner and managed to get my phone camera out to grab a snap; looks like men are wearing black leggings too now with the girl favoring the latex variate.

Next time I'm up that way I'll keep an eye peeled. In retrospect I could of asked them to pose for 'style documentation'.

Btw - the Doll Fetish feature for the leading fetish magazine is still delayed due to re-arranging of editorial staff."

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blackice said...


I was back that neck of the woods on wednesday for a meet and while I didn't spot anyone immediately, there was a woman on the tube escalator in them.

If I was outside I would of pulled out my hybrid cam and taken a shot though inside the tube station the flash would of been really obvious.