Sunday, May 11, 2008

fashion spreads a go go

i was browsing through Kinky Gerlinky Forum again this morning and i found a spread of latex in a fashion posted. i went hmmm... to myself and did a key word search for 'fashion magazine' and low and behold there were loads of them.

i can't buy every fashion magazine from boarders (well i do flick through a lot of them first) so finding a whole collection of spreads i'd never seen before just made the day.

you can either search Kinky Gerlinky Forum yourself or follow these links
here hereherehereherehere

enjoy, and do email me with any news or other finds.



rubber roo said...

i love those yellow leggings! I so want a pair!

Anonymous said...

asudem, I love the one of the blonde in her rubber leggings and rubber gloves, she looks so doll like especially the way she is standing with her heels slightly turned in. I am sure this is the look that you would desire...

Anonymous said...

hi asudem,

From what you write, I also agree that you must be able to relate well to the blonde in her rubber leggings. I imagine you wear similar things too, even the heels look the right height for you. Do let us know your thoughts?

kgerlinky said...

Thanks for the link, Asudem. I love the blog! Keep up the fantastic work.