Saturday, May 17, 2008

a new way to look at pictures

i just did some plug in updates on firefox and was really surprised how much Pic Lens had changed. its now very apple iTouch like in the way you navigate around the images.

if your not familiar with Pic Lens, its an application plug-in dohicky for various internet browsers on both the mac and windows machine that sucks up an displays a vast quantity images based on key word searches. so finding 'doll's for example in flicker is no longer something thats a pain to do as you can see from bellow.

navigating through them is all is pretty trippy and reminds me of the computer interface on Minority Report. so far the larger image archives and search engines are supported though so far not blogger...


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Anonymous said...

Thanks for that Asudem.
id never come across that place before. For the Eye candy junky this looks very nice, and easy.

Oh,, ive started a little fun thing to go with the second Life Latex Bondage Doll group...

maybe you would like to park up on the island sometime?? (REZ sea)
much love,