Sunday, May 18, 2008

UK TV people after dolls

i just found this on the Dollification Forum, so i figured i'd do my duty and relay the post her so that more people will see it.

Hi Dollification members,

I've just been checking out this site and think it's amazing.
I'm making a documentary series for ITV to be shown on Virgin1 called "...and Proud".
I realise the majority of you will not be remotely interested in talking to me but the aim of the documentary is to explore relationships in all their forms. I'm investigating unusual relationships and would love to hear from a Dollification member to explain the process to me and chat about it's appeal.
I'm speaking to a wide variety of people who are proud of their particular form of interest / sexual expression / kink / fetish and who would like to dispel myths and educate the public about it.
If this sounds like it might appeal and you'd be happy to talk to me, my email address is and phone number is 0207 157 4618

Thanks very much


let me know if you follow this and actually appear on TV in the UK talking about doll fetishes?



WendyB said...

I wonder if anyone will do it. The guy sounds all friendly in his email but I bet the resulting footage is not going to be as sympathetic.

WinterRose said...

hey, I'll get in touch with him. Why not. The last time I got back in touch with someone for something like this, I got an all expense paid trip to hollywood to talk about ASFR on the G4 channel.