Saturday, May 03, 2008

why it's sore after awhile

i was recently discussing with someone in second life a collar she was considering buying and she directed me to axsmar. after a bit of a dig around i noticed the more ergonomically shaped silver collar thats not a perfect round circle, rather it conforms to the wearers shoulders so the pressure is not just on two points.

i do have an eternity collar and i do love the idea of it but wearing it for any length of time is pretty painful. its heavy and its steel after all.

so this would be the way to go if your interested in having a proper collar. do look around too as they have very ingenious fastening and locking mechanisms. one collar design is made to go on an not to come off. it simply click shut.



Michael said...

So which collar design is not to come off? I looked at the site but couldnt find it

Anonymous said...

I found in SL that a lot of the circular collars were hard to fit close without intersecting your avs neck. It's even worse with an AO that adjusts your pose a lot. I've just released some collars in a very similar shape to that one... although mine have a hinge rather than being a solid piece.
Odd that I see this entry just after building mine :)

happy said...

hi michael it is the last one of the page