Saturday, May 03, 2008

a much better scan

was sent in by DS. strangely its very similar to the new case i have been trapped in within second life for the last month or more.

i think the sl case designer is going to adjust the pose ball so i'm in an identical pose with in it which would be neat.

to bring everyone up to speed; i am wearing a key in my avatars back that is 'restrained life' activated which loosely means its a normal 3d object that is wearable but has the added bonus of special coding that when used with the restrained life second life client it stops me doing a lot of things unless a code is given.

eventually i'll be reduced to just an automation within second life...


1 comment:

sylvrgirl said...

Hi, Asudem!

I didn't realize you were going for completely controlled object in SL. How far along are you in your quest?