Saturday, May 03, 2008

a third of the year

i made several new years resolutions involving latex and dolling. the main two were to stick to 5 inches minimum from now on and try to go higher, the other was to be half latex all the time. now a third of the year has passed and i've faithfully kept to those resolutions and in the case of the latex wearing i've gone way past it.

the idea was to wear my skinny jeans or latex tights all the time and when at work they'll be safely hidden underneath my 'outsisde' clothes. since i work part time in the mornings i have been managing to get home and add a latex top and i'm pretty well there latex wise. not a totally sealed latex doll head to toe with gloves and a hood but imho i'm doing really well to acclimatise to full time in latex. so at a guess bar the 3-4 hrs of meetings and work, most of the day is in latex.

and i am getting out too, mainly in my latex jeans which i'm really running into the ground from such frequent wearing. occasionally with a jacket i'll wear my chocolate brown latex blouse, though i find managing the inside/outside heat is an issue as i tend to keep it done up and out of direct public attention.

lets see where i am in an other four months ;-)



TheThinMan said...

A question:

When you finally succeed at becoming a doll, are encased in latex forever and trapped in high heels, then what? How does a rubber doll pass the time?

I've been pondering introducing doll training to a submissive for a while now, but I only get the first half of the fantasy.

Rubber-roo said...

then can i buy you?