Tuesday, May 27, 2008

mannequin or a model?

is it the model, the lighting, the make-up or some photoshop trickery?

this model sequence which was previewed from online fashion magazine Lucire and also appears in the current free and download-able issue of Chic Today (who btw always has something kinky in it) seems to be perfectly sculpted mannequin.

it might be all or just some of the above. i wonder if the stylist and photographer were going for that look? not being a model groupie, i don't know for sure, but maybe thats her selling point and she always looks like this.

maybe it is just that - a mannequin with make-up so good she looks almost human....



Anonymous said...

I'm going to be an optimist and say it's mainly make-up and lighting. ^_^

Why? Because mannequins tend to be made from hard thermoplastics or fiberglass, with *very* limited joint-work or points of articulation. I doubt a plastic lady could be posed that freely without *something showing* in terms of joint-lines or seams. So even if it were multiple mannequins and one head...yeah, the poses wouldn't work. Either the articulation points would show or the mannequin(s) wouldn't be dressable.

She might be wearing a wig too, the hair definitely seems faked.

Just my half-educated three cents though. ^_^

--Brad Poe

Billy said...

Looks like a mannequin head photoshopped onto a real model. Nice job.

Anonymous said...

Just have a look at the link to the "chic today" magazine... There you can clearly see that the model as well as the face is real. Just good make-up and of course a little photoshop. But clearly it's no mannequin head.

jeandoll said...

Yup you can meke lots with lighting and stuff. But to me thats till look good. But I am not mannequin-fan as such.

Look at Madonna. She is as old as my mother, but sill looks like I first saw her when I was in school and twice younger.

Anonymous said...

IMHO, i think it is a mask.