Tuesday, May 27, 2008

still in fashion and sought after

one of the forums i check periodically is the The Fashion Spot to see if the latex leggings cross over is still appealing to the mainstream fashionistas. surprisingly it very much is and the post continue to this day here.

most of the discussions are about how good AA ones are; what alternatives are available, how surprising that they're comfortable and that they can be mixed and matched with a lot of their wardrobe. one aspects that keeps coming up is how to clean them as they seem to have a life expectancy and after XX washes (which may not even be double digits if truth be told). one suggestion is that you freeze them in a plastic bag over night!

meanwhile in the UK a singer by the name of Fergie seems to like them for the stretch appeal. although the newspaper who wrote this 'new' up here wrongly called them leather trousers.

note: her subtle change of boots in the articles photo's - just like various heroines in TV shows and films who go flat soled for their acrobatics. this was really well illustrated by Wendy's entry on Ursa in Superman II - here.



Aaron said...

Fergie's an American singer. (The performance from the article was for the Today Show in New York City) She got her start in the old kids show, Kids Incorporated in the 80s and was is in the modern singing group The Black Eyed Peas. She's had a successful solo career as of late, and also seems to love to sport high heels most of the time. ;)

WendyB said...

Ursa would have kicked ass with those AA leggings!