Saturday, May 17, 2008

now on wikipedia

after discovering a video clip of a vacume bed on Boing Boing here - would you believe, i had a thought to see if they doll fetish had drifted into any other mainstream sites and low and behold there's now an entry on Wikipedia!!!

wow is all i could think then examining the links discovered there was no mention of this blog. anyone care to updated it with a link to dollsrealm?

i did notice a link to a message board i had never heard of - but really should of - and thats the Dollification Forum. go check it out. though sadly there's not too much activity on it. i did find mention of my blog in a couple of entries however.

one of the posts i read which deserves publishing here is this:

Posted: Thu Dec 27, 2007 3:11 pm
Post subject: Dollification & Power: A Paradox

Why do we want to be dolls? Not to be mindless, not to give away our power. Dolls are, and have always been, a source of power in just about every culture. They have served as representations of deities, and played central roles in religious ceremonies and rituals. (Wikipedia) As a friend of mine recently said, “I think dolls, in general, are outlets … vessels for a number of different purposes, whether it’s imagination, caring for something fragile, or even perhaps to be used to express ourselves somehow in a way we normally cannot.”

Dolls are spiritual power-points. And in the desire to be owned, there is the desire to *share* that power—and to have it brought out by a complementary Other.

So if dollification is an offshoot of the BDSM world, it may represent the opposite of what it instinctively seems to (which would be the extreme subjugation of women). By the definition of this group, I am a doll. I also consider myself to be strong, to have a mind of my own, to make my own choices. If one of the choices I ultimately make is to please an Owner through a mystique I have cultivated that he could never embody himself, does that make me some mindless toy? A toy, perhaps, at times (for mutual enjoyment—a doll does desire to be played with), but never mindless, never less than extremely powerful."

which in my humble opinion sums up some of my thoughts too a tee.

another forum i stumbled across is the Dolls Pride Forum. apparently put together by the folks at Femskin who are developing a range of wearable silicon body suits and other female body parts. its starting to look like a female mask version of my space in some ways with relentless advertising for Femskin on each page.


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Anonymous said...

I did check out the Wikipedia linkage earlier have to edit it a bit to get it working....

But yeah. Things seem rather stripped and bare-bones. I get that Wiki doesn't want flagrantly adult content, but still...this might be as good a time as any for some of our long-standing authorities on the subject to step up.

WinterRose? Dosman? Anyone? ^_^

*lol* Knowing my luck, half of the guys out there are the ones already wanting the merger into "mannequin fetish" (I have *No* clue how the paraphilia word for it is spelled, sorry).

But yeah. The Wiki entry needs more info. Like how EGL and cosplay could tie into it, or zentai, or how some of it ties into plushie/furry play (ragdolls anyone?).

I wouldn't know where to begin myself. Part of it is that Wikipedia wants to have *encyclopedia* entries, devoid of enthusiasm or interest, as neutral as fat-free margarine. *blech*

(but I admit part of it is that *my* biases are already covered in sufficient detail, ironically enough)

Just saying,

--Brad Poe (who is morbidly glad his name *did not* show up on the Wiki entry)