Wednesday, September 10, 2008

and there's way more latex in Europe too...

recently i've been noticing that i've been loosing some weight and gaining a more of a flat tummy with the constant daily latex wearing. now you've all seen those ads in the back of the TV Guide and The Enquirer etc for these weight loss neoprene belts and longer ago the vitnage rubber ones.

so maybe there's something too it. possibly the heat or the constant pressure combined with your muscles constantly pushing back.

i still have a little tummy but there's definitely been a real improvement in that area since january 1st when i swore i'd always be 1/2 latex. which by the way i've easily surpassed for at least two months now as when i get back to my loop into the office i'm top and bottom latex.

so can anyone else confirm this? it would be another selling point to real latex tights - have stunning legs and a flat tummy!



Anonymous said...

As odd as it may sound, there *may* be something to this.

--People have known for some time now that eating spicy or peppery foods *can* cause a slight rise in body temperature (think tenths of a degree) and basal (inactive) metabolism. It isn't very much--just relying on this sort of thing alone only triggers 1-2 pounds of weight loss a month, and you need to stay hydrated to see results--but it beats nothing.

And one could submit that the compressive effects of heavier latex wear, plus the retention of some body heat, might provide a *weak* thermogenic effect.

--Which leads to *ab compression*. I have an abdominal exercise thing in my closet that works on this principle--you do crunches with it while it pushes down on your stomach.

And yeah, with regular use it can flatten a tummy, but for not the reasons you might think.

Such things modify the shape of your abs more than their tone. They encourage your muscles to bow *inward* versus outward as they stretch and relax.

Again, it's a small effect.

By itself it doesn't do much, but every little bit can help, you know?

Hope this helps,

--Brad Poe

Anonymous said...

Yes, body heat does burn fat. What people do need to look out for is that you can over do it. The more you move about the more heat your body produces. The latex and/or rubber will hold in this heat thus, raising the body heat more. So, there is also a down side. That down side is over heating. So, know your limits. Drink lots of water and take lots of breaks. And if you feel like you are over heating, then get cooled off. Signs of over heating are nausea, vomiting, headaches, dizzeness or a feeling of light headeness.

Anonymous said...

If more Americans rode a bicycle as much as possible we could cure our three biggest problems, obesity and dependence on foreign oil. Oh, and the third, finding a good excuse to wear spandex. hehe.