Friday, September 12, 2008

lost lotto

i was chatting to someone in second life and she was wondering about recommend videos. so i thought immediately of the British Colombia Lottery Commercial. after a search on the blog (top left corner - do try it) i found the link.
and the site hand changed and the downloadable video was gone!!!

now i think it came from youtube and the link i posted was the result of my investigations into its actual source. so the question is - where is it on youtube?

another issue arises about all the images and videos i post. what happens to them? well i keep all the images backed up here on my mac and the youtube ones.. well i just post the embedded link, so i don't really have them myself.

maybe its time for someone to compile all the youtube vidoes into one file and then see about saving them to a DVD or some such?


I've been kindly sent the 5MB MOV file to my yahoo account and while i can't post it directly here, do feel free to email me and i can send it out from my yahoo account. email me -

also EL_R has posted the youtube link in comments - thanks!!


Anonymous said...

Hey, the link you're looking for is

And there are plugins for IE and Firefox that exist that can download and convert the movie files; a search for .flv converters/downloaders should point you in the right direction.


Asudem Latex said...

thanks EL_R!

i've done an update to the post.


Anonymous said...

Actually, this is an oddity. o_o

See, I actually used the linkage to that YouTube Video to introduce at least 4 newbies to dolling now.

All *I* had to do was go to the July 2007 archived page, let it load fully, click on the Menu button in the bottom right corner of the video player, and in the second or so that the pic zooms out, *click on the URL link*, then right-click on it to copy-and-paste it into an Instant Messenger window for use. Your click-timing has to be quick, but it works once you get that...

Seriously. I've been able to access the linkage this way as recently as this past Wednesday morning.

I don't know. ^_^ Maybe my internet service and/or browser is so old-school that it *does things right*, imagine that, *lol*.

It's all good though. Now everyone has easy access, even the Vista folks.

Just saying,

--Brad Poe (who is still getting the spare time freed up to update his gear himself, life's been busy lately)