Monday, September 29, 2008

the first celebrity in those boots...

was Victoria Beckham at a launch of her new perfume at Macy's department store at the weekend. the boots recently appeared on the cover of the Telepgraph Fashion Magazine which is in an earlier entry.

the heel-less boots which get mistakenly called 'PVC' in the press are made by Antonio Berardi and cost £3,300 according to the report which is now online at the Daily Mail.

click the images to see them at full resolution. bellow is a close up of just the boots which are tight fitting and wide leg. surely Victoria's worn enough latex over the years that she knows she should polish it?

the Mail's forum is full of disapproving yapping about the boots (257 comments at last check) with few pro comments. the Mail even checked with feet experts to get their verdict on this weird new boot.

i am still after something similar - with or without the heel - but the heel and sole arch needs to be the 5 inches i'm sticking too. fingers crossed that Fantastic Rubber is making some progress in that department. or maybe there's another latex designer or two that's inspired....



Anonymous said...

Ugly and ridiculous looking boots. VB is a jerk on top of that so it makes sense she would look for attention wearing (and paying for) such idiocy.

Polished latex does not stay polished in normal use because it comes off on surfaces it comes in contact with... upholstery, outer gaments... etc.

Polish is for fun and photos. If you expect to look like slippery oil, fageddaboudit


Anonymous said...

If you're looking for similar boots try Punitive Shoes:

Krylancelo said...

maybe it's because I'm a guy, but I don't see how women even get to the idea of actually walking in those boots, let alone walking in them.

Anonymous said...

I think the problem isn't just that the boots are ugly and painful.

The problem is that they seem clearly *designed* to be "impossible". If you'll look at the close-up pics closely, you'll see, the heel is *entirely* unsupported. Bad idea...there are ways--more aesthetic ones at that--to support the heel without seeming to have one.

The "tailed" heel-less shoes Asudem had pics of some months ago being a good example. It is humanly possible to essentially reverse the sole and have the thinner, "heel-less" bit of it extend up the back of the heel to support it.

Not to mention, the "platform" under the toes is just blocky, ugly and excessive, it takes a bad problem--gait balance--and makes it much worse.

But yeah. We know this already. And we also know if the foot doctors had their way, we'd all be wearing *earth shoes* with a negative heel and stomping about like hippies from a Monty Python skit ("grundies"?). And where's the fun in that? :p

Just saying,

--Bradley Poe

Anonymous said...

They look similar to ponygirl boots

Anonymous said...

I don't know, I kinda liked's not like they were designed for anything longer than a few minutes on a red carpet or runway...

thought that the designer's (antonio berardi) website was pretty cool too

Anonymous said...

Heh heh. Gotta love the comments from the 'fashionista' and such on the original website. First of all, the site's going on about these sorts of boots and such like they are the most innovative, newest things to come down the pike, but versions of them have been around in the pony fetish community for a good thirty years or more.

Secondly, all the bandying about of doctor's testimonies, etc. about how 'dangerous' the boot is, etc. Well, of course they are noted as being neither practical nor healthy in the long run. Virtually no "haute couture" fits into either category, which is why you never see this kind of truly bizarre stuff anywhere besides the catwalk.

No, they are designed for short-term wear, and solely intended to do nothing but make everyone go 'ooh how weird' and generate some buzz for Posh (who, like all celebrities of that ilk, are photosynthetic and get their nourishment from the light and heat of thousand of camera flashes going off. Lord knows they don't eat regular food).

- Steve M

Mundus said...

Oh dear, the Mail is such a scaremongering rag I'm more than a little disapointed that you give it so much coverage.

Yes, the boots like Punitive boots but much of the other press that day said how comfortable and easy to walk in they were.


jeandoll said...

Hey fashion is not meant to be "safe"
And to me this couple has style AND money, rare combination.

I would not try to walk with those

Anonymous said...

I would love to have a pair of these. I think they're pretty hot.