Saturday, September 20, 2008

the results so far...

actually it was from earlier in the week when i had a look and did the screen capture and upload too the blog. just not gotten around too it yet.

for the most part it seems that expense is the the major limiting factor when buying latex for the respondents. those who buy it were told not to take part.

then the question of where to get it came up and had a strong response that people simply didn't know where to get it. latex boutiques and designers are like needles in a haystacks in most cities where The Gap and other chain stores dominate.

has anyone ever seen a fetish shop in a mall? i don't think so but i'd love to be surprised.

the body image issue is an obvious one and that was well voted for too. if there's no where to buy it then how can one try it on? it certainly has absolutely no hanger appeal. i know, i've seen it in the few shops we have here. mannequins, models and photo shoots however make it look amazing. Libidex in the uk has their revamped webpage and new styles being worn by a girl who is very pretty but is no where near the model body type - and it still looks totally great on her.

so there's one designer addressing this issue.

lastly the combined issue of it being a special event dress or clothing that needs to be worn for someone else or somewhere special.

some thoughts and feedback for those latex designers i know read this blog...



Throughfare said...

It was so sad to see the number of people who replied they have nowhere to wear latex, or no one to wear it for . . .

There is a real need for people to set up social settings for latex.

Read about how one student held a zenti party, and a whole buch of friend & friends of friends let go of their inhibitions and came over & spent the evening partying in all-over lycra suits!

Latex party themes anyone?

That cafe in London where you could go in your rubber wear was another great idea, until the landlord got a little greedy, and I have heard of a munch being held in Hamilton, Canada, in a cafe where the proprieters welcome latex-clad folks, so you can go over for a friendly dinner, meet & yak in your latex. Voila! A place to go, and someone to wear it for, if you're the kind of person who wants to wear it for others rather than yourself

Oh well . . . enough rambling on. Anyhow, it would be great if people just started to make latex more mainstream and common, so that it can be worn to places other than "fetish events", which can have a bit of an intimidation factor for people who would like to just try things out.

Dosman! said...

At least in the US, a surprising number of people still think of Victoria's Secret and Fredrick's as Fetish shops and disgusting and should be out of the mall. And in some states, Spencer's isn't allowed to carry their full line of products because of their nature.
Poor vanilla people. They have no idea what they're missing.

Anonymous said...

Actually, I don't even think the US situation is from the majority of "vanilla people". I don't even want to get started on this one, but...

Ordinary people know what sex is and don't have issues about it. They're not the problem.

The fundies and kooks are the problem, and historically, the "former colonies" that became the USA were the original dumping ground for England's kooks and fundies, from Plymouth Rock on up.

So basically, at this point it's a deeply ingrained psychosis: we just have *way* too many religious nutters here for the *rest* of us to have any fun, not unless we're made of money or can leave the country.

Yeah, at first I thought it was just a social holdover from the 19th century, that Victorian thing that spawned Freud. But then the 21st century happened, Bush happened, 9-11 happened, ad nauseam.

And now, people are freaked out whenever they see anything modern, never mind futuristic or tight-n-shiny. Blah. You're more likely to see teenagers wear "pants" with waistlines around mid-thigh than you are anything *we* might like.

It makes me wonder some days if Homo Sapiens--the human race--hasn't just lost it.

Just saying,

--Brad Poe

RJ said...

On a different front, the show "How to look good naked" had a brief use of living mannequins in this video clip

at about the 7 minute mark.