Tuesday, September 30, 2008

no need for a facelift

also from the same day's Daily Mail is an article about facelifts and the thing that caught my attention was the photo's.

i've swapped them around but certainly there's a before and after mad scientist story there.

anyone care to have a go?



Anonymous said...

Just tell me where to sign. haha!


Anonymous said...

That first pic, with the lady lit up in red...looks like something The Chymist would have done as a photomanip ages ago. ^_^

Imagine that, life has not only caught up with science fiction, but it's now catching up to Photoshop.

Of course, the real issue with these non-facelift procedures, like Botox and dermal-abrasion (with lasers or otherwise) is that they stiffen the face. They reduce wrinkles by tightening the skin *and also* reducing its range of motion or expression. Whether it's by paralysis (botox) or by light burning and scar tissue (abrasions), it still produces a stiffer skin that might not even be able to smile properly.

And what's the point of that? We have makeup and masking to compensate for the minor flaws, right? ^_^

Just saying,

Bradley Poe (who likes his dollies to smile, you know?)

Anonymous said...

Man, anytime you have a good ballon, there is always someone around with a pin to pop it.


Anonymous said...

:P My apologies for being a pessimist then.

I was just saying that there are less invasive--and slightly cheaper, *lol*--ways to do this. ^_^

Oh well...

--Bradley (who admits to an off day)

jeandoll said...

Photos looks like typical photoshopping stuff.
Which is too bad since the article itself
is interesting.
Biological fact is that human beings cells are constantly repleshising themselfs.
With cash and high-tech one can fight against deteriation of ones body.

That is if you got the cash. In the future older and older people will stay good looking (at least on surface)

Anonymous said...

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