Thursday, September 18, 2008

where in the world...

thanks too Thrall for pointing me towards this very handy plug in script for blogger. it just doesn't count visitors as my basic one does at the bottom of the page but also does a whole lot of analysis of hits and where they're coming from. she also did two new updates to her own blog, one of which is a nice entry on Dollsrealm.

blogging can be pretty lonely so posts in comments and hits are the only real feedback we get. one reason i always ask people i meet in Second Life if they know of this blog.

so now i can see where everyone comes from too.



Anonymous said...

Nice one. ^_^

Granted, the Mercator Projection distorts the continents a bit, but for a plugin, it's still pretty spiffy. The rest of this post is just some casual observations, take them as you will:

--I'm shocked that dolling isn't as big on the North American West Coast as I thought it would be. The hits seem to be concentrated in Vancouver and Southern California.

--The rest of the North American hits seem to come squarely from Quebec, Ontario, and the North Eastern U.S., from the northern East coast, mainly out to and slightly past the Mississippi, with a bit of influence as far west as the Rockies...and Calgary? This does explain quite a bit. Seems like the whole Southern U.S., most of the Rockies and most of the West Coast is in the dark about this site. Not to mention Mexico.

--In Europe, there seems to be a gap between the rest of continental Europe and the Iberian Peninsula. I'd assume dolling isn't big in France? Maybe the culture just isn't right for it.

--And on the Pacific Rim...lots of folks in Japan (duh), and what's this? Hong Kong or Singapore?

Okok, granted, there are going to be biases here...language being one of them, internet access being another.

Still, the U.S. trend seems odd. I keep on ending up finding women in other time zones, and yet the hits here seem concentrated in my backyard practically, and points east (and to a lesser degree, west to Colorado?).

Maybe timing has something to do with it. But we know this is post-Warning Page, so the odds of innocent visitors being ran off on one visit are lower than average now.

Interesting. ^_^

Or this just could be a marker of where the people are who are *smart enough* to know what's going on....nah, I'm being mean here, scratch that. *lol* ^_^

Just saying,

--Brad Poe (who wonders if he can copy that map image to his machine?)

Anonymous said...

I've been a reader since published a link to your blog a while back; I think that dollsrealm was just a few months old at the time.

I always stop by to check it out, and I love everything about living dolls -- they're great! I'm not so much about the fashion, but I'm coming around on that too. FYI, I'm logging in from the USA, about 40 miles south of New York City.

Keep up the good work -- you're doing a great job!


Asudem Latex said...

Actually three pages of maps came up, at a guess for the three days the code has been sitting in my blog gathering information.

So different days, different audiences?

Click on the image to enlarge it and then just drag to your desktop. or that how it works on the mac.


Anonymous said...

I'm wondering where my little dot here in Texas is doing. Obviously not showing where I'm poppin in from, I need to fire my electronic map pin.

Javier said...

hey! why I am not there? :)

dapi said...


The map shows that there are 6 people living in Japan. If you are in Japan leave a message.


Anonymous said...

>>--And on the Pacific Rim...lots of folks in Japan (duh), and what's this? Hong Kong or Singapore?

The one near Japan?

Interesting but sad to know I might be the 'only' one here.

Anonymous said...

Just a little comment...

I thought the pins were representing a *plural* number of hits in a given period, like 10 or 20. Or that they were representing *whole cities* where hits come from.

This might make the Japan thing make sense Edo...since you'd have what, Tokyo, and two other nearby cities? Something like that?

Just saying... ^_^

--Brad Poe (who was just trying to spot broad trends and not do a literal head count here)

Anonymous said...

believe me,you'er not "only" one. :)

Anonymous said...

Jackson, Mississippi

Sir Saezure