Saturday, September 20, 2008

can you spot yourself?

further to my earlier entry about the new code embedded in the blog which was kindly introduced to be by Thrall is two more views of the world as of today.

the free service keeps a log of the first 500 hits per day and all their details. pay more and you get more data.

so here's a view of today - sat the 20th - so far from most of europe. can you see yourself?

and much higher resolution close up and mixed overlay of somewhere in Japan.

i think i could zoom in considerably more too.



blackice said...


I see Brighton shows up. That's where I'm based. Is it me or someone else?


Anonymous said...


For me, it is the tag over Lyon (France)


tex- said...

where is rest of europe?

Vidal Tripsa said...

Ooer, I can - I won't say which it is, as my puppeteer is probably the only one who was resident at that spot. With that having been said, I see a marker which resides above where I recently moved to - perhaps some day we'll manage to say "hi". :)