Saturday, September 06, 2008

meanwhile somewhere in london...

the skin two ball weekend is now underway.

sadly i'm not there again and there's a few reasons why; the first is they moved it from early october to this weekend and i had been planning on the october break. when it changed date its screwed my days off and i wasn't having too much luck changing it.

flights are still on summer rates so that's all terrifyingly high.

everyone is now rolling back into work from various summer vacations and running around like headless chickens trying to get the machinery of industry back up to speed. more so with this undeclared depression we're in.

good news is i've been promised photo's of any doll-ishness from both the London Alternative Market and the Skin Two Ball proper by a regular contributor who also writes and shoots for Skin Two and Marquis Magazine.

other good or bad news is that there seems to be a rival to the ball in early october so there's a glint of hope i can make that one still and i think the Rubber Sisters are going to that one so we could finally meet!



blackice said...

Hi Asudem

Sorry, no photo's of the Ball. I'm just back from London and have been experiencing weird camera flash problems all afternoon at the LAM fetish market. It wasn't working consistently enough to be worth shooting with.

I need to send it for repair - think its the SCA E-TTL adapter. I do have the fashion shows and other random bits I can send in to you and 3XL tomorrow.

Gave Miss Fuzzy Bunny those magnetic cards you mailed me to hand around.


SanderO said...

Bummer that you didn't get to go since this was to be your "coming out" event... so to speak.

You should have the courage now to make it to some stateside events coming up.

Going to one of these huge fetish events is a hoot and worth going to at least once... even if you are not into partying or group scenes. Just the sheer amount of interesting latex is worth seeing with your own eyeballs.

I would make an international trip to one, unless it was my business, but if you happen to be vacationing near an event or on business, it's well worth the overpriced tickets.

Maybe next time.

blackice said...

Hi Asudem

Heard back from someone who has been to a few Balls and they said it was somewhat flat.

I'll investigate the Fetishistas event in early October and see about going to that as well as TG.

TG btw is back to doing events in Brighton with the first on being 20th this month. Will keep eyes peeled for EGLs etc.