Friday, September 12, 2008

matching masks

i figured i needed something extra to finish off the mannequin suit from Fantastic Rubber so I had a look around the web which actually took several hours and these Blank Masks were the best ones i found.

they're pretty inexpensive so i purchased a few to experiment with. i'm definitely going to make one up to match my secondlife avatar.

i am somewhat picky and these had the most human detailing to them. other white masks that i came across were similiarly priced but totally unisex - so for example had no real cheekbones or lips.

now all i need is those Anime contact lenses i made an entry about earlier....



Anonymous said...

hi, i visit this site almost every day. I think its one of the best blogs. So what i want to know is: are you planing to post photos of you in your suit with this mask?
I think there shouldn't be any problems because with the suit and the mask no one will know you after.

I hope for some pictures :)

But if you dont want to post any its no problem at all.

Asudem Latex said...

thanks. i love feedback and comments. free latex goes down well too.. ;-)

i had several new years resolutions and personal photo's is on the list. i just to do good ones, images that would look good in an interview in a magazine or some such.

the rest of the nyr's are more than completed so i need to get on with exposing myself to the world next.


dip said...

Have you considered a mask like this?