Sunday, September 28, 2008

zentai suits for sleeping?

another one of those bookmarks i found sometime back and not sure how i stumbled upon it. i've now gone back to Shiny Shiny: the self declared girls guide to gadgets and present it to you now.

essentially there's a chain of hotel or motels in the UK and they are now offering for both men and women these sheer PJ's with hoods, mitts and socks to sleep in. 

the full story is here.

it doesn't really answer wether you get to keep them or not? are they semi-disposable or something to steal from big hotels like bathrobes and ashtrays? do they sell them in the lobby shop and will embroidered them with your name? maybe. 

this is my best guess that its a combined marketing effort for the chain as well as the company that makes them. looking at the dermasilk website you quickly realise that the complete outfit is not cheap. far from it. so i guess its a product that needs to reach a wider audience so place them in hotels to use. 

oh and another thought comes to mind too - maybe it means the chamber maids don't need to change the sheets if they're wearing these suits? such a crazy idea that it might just might be possible.

or maybe its some cunning japanese corporation's plans to zentai the world!!! (insert mad laugh here). i mean it really sounds like the plot of fetish fiction story. actually i've always wanted to see what a japanese Capsule Hotel would be like to stay in and frankly given the commute back and forth when i need to get into the city, being able to pay 20-30$ to crawl into a tube to sleep is a great idea.

like the ongoing latex like leggings fashion trend, i think these will imprint on the wearers and create another generation of fetishists for the tight and shiny look and feel..  and i wondered if the pre-embroidered ones are "DOLL" or "Robot XL-1s"... 



Anonymous said...

pajamas 3000 AD !

to spend a night in a capsule with these on would be like being in a retro-futurist 1950's SCi fi movie!
count me in!

-pye xo

Anonymous said...

I wonder if they protect against hotel bedbugs? ;-)

Anonymous said...

These can be found for cheap on ebay and they look 10x better (different colors and designs).