Tuesday, September 23, 2008

coming soon...

another latex legging round up.

i've been collecting links and online store sites for another long update on the unending trend for latex like leggings. sadly i've been too busy with various real life work to get it collated and posted.

so this is just to tell you - yes they're still very much in this fall so you can still dare to get an wear a pair.

check out the article Sassy Bella "Leggings Don’t Die, They Evolve" if you doubt my investigative fashion tend spotting eye.

meanwhile the Independent in Ireland covered the trend in summer of 2007 and provide these helpful tips on wearing them:

1 Some people will argue that this trend is for the size zeros only.
I disagree. If you don’t want a totally fitted look, then opt for a size bigger than you would normally choose.

2 Use a good dousing of talcum powder both on your legs and the inside of the leggings, then bunch them up like you would with stockings to pull them carefully up your legs.

3 Some latex leggings come with a spray that’s supposed to make them all shiny. Spray them all over and wipe down with a cloth.

4 Providing you don’t have any trapped air bubbles, they are actually surprisingly comfortable to wear.

5 Latex leggings are pretty subdued in sound. But be warned, the squelchy noise problem does arise when wearing PVC leggings.

6 When removing them, roll your legging down to slip them off and try not to pull them too much.

and some interesting comments from UK fashion website at Pop Sugar.



Anonymous said...

I found a pair of latex like leggings at Target of all places. That's right Target stores feeding our fetish. They are more spandex and PVC like than latex but it's interesting to see such a unique fashion trend show up in a local Ohio store. I bought a pair for my wife for $12.95. Why not? If they still have the PVC rain coats on sale for 50% off the next time we are there, we'll complete an outfit. Target Fetish... I like it.

Oberon said...

....i found a naked barbie doll....and tied her up.....bondage barbie.

jaymiemizuno said...

there was a clothing store in Royal Oak MI that had latex-like (sewing seams and slight texture, so spandex) leggings on one of their display models.

WendyB said...

Yay for shiny leggings.

blackice said...

Was in town for coffee and a meeting and spotted three pairs of black ones, and one purple. Not full on glossy but more spandex like.


Trav28 said...

Hoping this fashion trend stays around for a while. On a different note, what are your thoughts on these? I bought my partner a pair and she thinks they are rather snazzy: