Wednesday, September 03, 2008

a mislabeled model

not Chandra North as posted on the Kinky Gerlinky Forum but Nadja Auermann. or are the models so close to each other they're interchangeable?

oh these are from fashion magazines, not fetish or BDSM ones.

make sure you click on the hosting pages as some of them are much large scans.



alphaxanon said...

You're right. With enough makeup, matchstick bodies, and contrasty B&W photography, they're pretty much interchangeable at that point.

Dodgem Fuller said...

HI, Just to say I love your blog. Don't know where you find those vids! And it was great to meet you on SL at last.


Anonymous said...

well my lovely asu all dreams will come to them that wait and yours will soon be realised xxxx
latex (sl)