Monday, April 13, 2009

the island of dolls

can be found in Second Life and now on the web at Doll Works Island. the new blog / news page already has a few entries along with photos so now the rest of the web can see what its all about.

one thing you find scattered around the island are the mysterious green glowing eggs. touch one if you dare:

As you approach the curious looking object, you notice that it is exuding an ominous greenish glowing fog. As the fog floats away in the air, it slowly fades out the farther away it gets from the strange glowing object.

You do not smell anything peculiar in the air but yet still cautiously approach this thing, curiosity perking up. The closer you get to the oval shaped object, the thicker the fog gets, but still remains quite odorless. Feeling no ill effects, you approach more boldly, moving right up to the object itself.

Examining the object closer, you see a pulsing and shifting green and black swirls moving all over the surface of this egg-shaped thing. Mesmerized by the swirling and shifting of the pattern, you can't help but reach out and touch the object. Your hand touches the object and you notice it is very warm to the touch and pulses with a steady thrumming soundless beat, almost like a heart. You can feel subtle shifts on the surface, not unlike a gentle massage as the greenish swirls continue to pulse over the object.

Suddenly, the egg-shaped object sends out a glowing pulse that you feel ripple through your body causing you to step back in alarm. You feel your skin tingle making goosebumps shoot up from your skin all over your body. The tingling sensation continues throughout your whole body and you feel your skin start to feel weird...It starts to feel...stiffer and glossier...

You give a small gasp as you see your skin take on a more plastic tone as well as start to feel other changes happening to your body. You start to see your body getting thinner, more like a doll shape as your skin continues to harden more and get shinier...

As this happens, you suddenly hear a disembodied whisper from inside your head:
Doll Viral Bomb Activated...Infection stage commencing...Type: Plastic Doll...Sequence Initiated...

Fear grips you as realization dawns that you are now infected and are being transformed into what the object was programmed to make...

so if your new to Second Life and want to join in with the dolls then thats the first place to go...

i spend a fair bit of time there either locked up on a mannequin stand or locked up in a doll case. i'm now the one in case in the photo.

miss jane has been training me in the evil tubes for months - extending my time in them with every time i'm placed back in one so i am used to being still and on display. a month or so i ago i was let out and wandering around i purchased a HybridZ doll suit which has been utterly locked onto me erasing what i looked like - reducing me to this sexy pink object.

the sheer anonymity is a strange thrill and being locked so well into seduces me even more. with a all the locks, the wind up key and the control ring i've litterly have no free will at all bar the occasional opportunity to sit.

so months will pass as i become accustomed to the new me all the while knowing that miss jane has far reaching plans for me: she is building a new case to display me in as well a restrained life control system that will reduce me to simply her pretty rubber encased automation. a real a wind up doll for her to display, hold and if asked nicely then loaned out to understanding and caring dommes.

all i'll be able to do is log in and chat. my movement will be robotic under her guidance and i will auto sit into the case when she wants or even whenever i log into second life.

i can hardly wait..

then i had a thought. HybridZ also does the same outfit in black and a quick mental inventory of my own real life latex revealed all i need to complete this secondlife outfit is the hood which is available here.



jeandoll said...

Even SL doesnt interest me much, that blog/site looks interesting, one that i will look into in future

Anonymous said...

That pink doll outfit would look killer in real life!

Roen said...

I totally agree! RL pink doll would be very sexy.

Anonymous said...

Hi Asudem Latex! Your posts about SL have finally gotten me to download and play it and I don't know why I never did before!

It's like all my fantasies that I can never fulfill in life are coming true! *giggle* I have you to thank for putting this idea in my head *wink*

I'm now a very very happy little dolly who is owned by two very caring and loving Mistress'. Last night was the first night I spent completely locked away as an object (latex barrel). I woke up and immediately logged in and to my delight, I'm still 100% trapped and with my Mistress logged off, there's no way of escape *bliss*

If ever you'd like to chat on SL, I'd very much like it :D I've been a long-time reader here and have always wished I could undergo heel training like you do...

Anyway, if you wish to speak, my SL name is Kristy Warden

I look forward to speaking with you in the Doll Works *wink*
-Doll Kristy