Saturday, April 18, 2009

marching mannequins

this i an odd little video from Japan. its by singer Ayumi Hamasaki's and the music video is titled 'Ladies Night'. its all very poppy and matched by a dollish and yet lynchian music video. actually its not too bad and i could see the track being used like Thrall does as a background to a hypnosis session.

Ayumi Hamasaki - Ladies Night -

i'd love a link to a full sized downloadble version if anyone has it. i've tried the video converter but it didn't like the url. i'll again first thing sunday morning as it maybe be just to busy.



Anonymous said...

huh...a Japanese seemingly feminist (she is running from all kinds of situations of women trapped in beautiful scenarios) video utilizing fetish imagery. I am still trying to figure out the Japanese obsession with childish things and color-schemes. I don't judge...i am just curious and observant and wonder what things mean.

zilvara said...

here is some spots it at maybe one you can grab it from

i used the search of

- Ayumi Hamasaki night

hope one of these work for you if not there is a slew of them on that search string i mentioned to other sites

let us know if it did

Asudem Latex said...


thanks for the links but for the life of me i can't seem to get anything to download with those Firefox widgets and whatnots.

nor do the vid converts work.