Sunday, April 19, 2009

a new MC story

from Fools Page's called Digits on here. the complete collection of Fools Page's stories are here.

its really good and worth a read. it has slight similarities to a Thrall story but then the there's a entire sub genre of magician based mind control fiction.

still very lovely and can't wait for more fiction from him/her.

if you have any recommendations then do post in comments.


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Marlene said...

This is actually a small rewrite of a story that's been out for ages: The Audition by Fool, but you don't know if this is Fool rewriting their own story or what.

It's part of a wonderful story arc called "Le Cirque de Artificiel", about a nearly-immortal group of people who wandered all over Europe with their bizarre acts.

There's all kinds of transformation in the storyline, and the stories can be accessed here: