Friday, April 03, 2009

squeak squeak squeak

i'm just back in from my morning office run where i do my various meetings and gather any work to bring back home with me. as i am increasingly gaining confidence wearing my latex jeans out of my apartment as have been for the last couple of weekends i decided to go out a day early in them.

after all "causal friday" and all that.

it wasn't until i was crossing a quiet car park did i notice it.

"squeak squeak squeak" with every stride.

i don't normally give the jeans a good polishing with armourall unless i'm out to a party. weekends i just wear them as-is so they look a bit like old leather or pleather. it hit me i had forgotten to do what i normally do which is just wipe a bit of talc on the inside of my thighs to stop any latex on latex sounds.

so i was squeaking with every stride utill i got home.

thankfully no one really noticed and after having the coffee and the catch up discussions i'm back safely and de-squeaked now.



Anonymous said...

Squeaking all the way, just like a good rubber dolly should.

Anonymous said...


-Pye x