Sunday, April 12, 2009

right about now...

WinterRose is speaking for a full hour and a half at Frolicon about doll fetishes. he described the event as a "Fetish/Sci-Fi Convention". it was formerly known as Fantasm in previous years.

he explained on the Dollification Forum that he plans to "rehash the bits on the doll parts of my faq and throw it open to Q&A and get a projector if necessary to show pics of stuff". he'll be pointing people to the Dollification Forum, The Doll Works in Second Life as well as this very blog. i even provided him with high res scan of the card so he can get prints made to hand out.

hope its all going well and i can't wait till i hear back on how the weekend was.

if your a new reader thanks to WinterRose's' presentation then please do post in comments and welcome aboard!


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jeandoll said...

Bah where are people who could make up interesting Con on European site of Sea?

Don't look me I am already knee-deep, in makings of scifi con (with straight content)