Friday, April 03, 2009

masking gets attention

in a 2.20 min video entry on G's WTF here. sorry the html code wouldn't embed so you'll need to visit their news site.

now i figure it won't be too long before you can wear a SL avatar in video chat.

and i do wonder how long before EGL or doll fetishes get their attention?



jeandoll said...

piiece of media porn that had ripped off doxens of femalemasker videos from youtube. It has common misconception: femalemasking=porn.

Anonymous said...

It's the same old treatment of alternative lifestylers. Anyone who enjoys doing anything other than straight up missionary is apparently wrong and weird and a danger to society. I wish that some people would mature in their views and become a bit more tolerant.

WinterRose said...

They'll certainly know more if they invite me back to speak on the idea of doller fetishes... But I'm betting they want someone a bit cuter than me for that. And also someone without a penis.