Sunday, April 26, 2009

Jess H shares

some photos of her custom ordered female masks. just a peek mind you as she says there's more including the 'Not Betty' one from Doc Vanderlay

and i must openly apologize for the incredible lateness of the post. wires were crossed and messages missed and well time just flew by

she's hired professional special effect experts to make her masks and the difference really shows. it could be the casting, the molding or simply the make up but the overall look is near mannequin like. litterly life sized doll heads.

she's a fan of Harry Potter so had Hermionon made relatively recently by Eye Feather. you can see more of the companies work on their folio here.

so if you want to see more of her unique collection then do post in comments.



hanzoushinrei said...

Looks too real for my liking. I prefer the more traditional 'China Doll' look with orcelain skin and red lips.

Anonymous said...

Hermione looks kind of creepy. The adult doll mask looks terrific though.

Anonymous said...

These masks are great! Where can I find more about her?

Tienne said...

I think both are very nice! Please feel free to share more if Jess has given her OK.