Friday, April 03, 2009

it sounds oh so familiar?

its a new anime series and was brought to my attention by reader Thilo and originally found posted on Latex News.

read the description and see what you think. you may even have the costume in secondlife and experienced it first hand - that was a hint btw.

A new Anime movie is coming to Animax TV (Asia) soon, called "LaMB". The story takes place on a remote planet that has a unique way of punishment for criminals. Instead of going to prison, they are permamently "laminated" into tight shiny and partly transparent suits and equipped with chip implants, that limit their freedom. They cannot talk or have any facial expressions and are used for slave labour. If they misbehave in any way, their LaMB-Suit immediatelly punishes them with electroshocks."

hmm.... got it yet?

well its none other than Evil Dolly's Eudeamon which is now actually in print in Italy here or of course free in english on her homepage here

LaMB looks to have the same central core if told from different POV's and cyberpunk'd up to the max. i've not found a torrent for it yet but please email one if you find it or if you seen the series post in comments.

here's the trailer:

and check out the Animax LaMB homepage.



jaymie said...

geez, it looks like someone had the bright idea to take hers and glam it up to avoid any legal repercussions. Sad, because i love the Eudeamon story, since it actually makes me cry (who can know someone and love them so fully?).

Anonymous said...

With all due respect to Eudeamon and her fine story, I rather suspect it was more of a case of parallel development than one being derivative of the other. After all, the concept of a protagonist discovering the plight of a slave/convict/untouchable (regardless of motif or genre) and there being some sort of connection is hardly new.

Besides, it looks like in this movie, the 'lamination' is secondary in the sense that it's more there to protect the slaves from the planet's hostile environment, as they are forced to become far-off-and-forgotten cheap labor, whereas in Eudeamon's story, it was more as a punishment to isolate criminals from society even while they walk amongst it.

I'll wait until i actually see the movie first before making any final judgements, but offhand, i don't think it's likely that there's any sort of intellectual theft here. Just a fortuitous happenstance of a movie plot accidentally wandering over into a realm enjoyed by certain fetishists.

Steve M

Anonymous said...

Try this:

Disclaimer: haven't tried it myself...

jeandoll said...

Blatant missuse of futuristic scifi-anime settings, not mention plot seems to be exactly ripped-off from that fanfiction.

Easy to made to CGI cince you don't have to render actual facial movements,

Evil Dolly said...

Heyyy, that looks familiar!

Hehe I doubt it's intentional, though. I'm certainly not the first person to come up with punishment suits/helmets/collars, and people being marginalized into clones/slaves/worker bees isn't that uncommon in anti-utopian fiction. Now, if they'd added a Eudeamon aspect, that'd be raising my eyebrow.

And thanks for the Italian version mention. Here's hoping it catches on in Italy!

Anonymous said...

Don't waste your time with that torrent it's incomplete thou the seeder might perhaps come back but I previewed it and the videoquality is horrible. Trust me it hurts your eyes. Permanently.

Anonymous said...

hey cool..
very second lifish

i wish they would use good high tech techno as the sound trak not that (naff)
1990's amine rock music.

Its funny how the Jpese NAMe things..
'Lamb' hehe . i like it though.

i guess when the novelity of the suit and all wears off itll just be more anime bang bang shootem up action. needs to be a 'sexy' version made!


Win said...

Thanks to you for mentioning the film and to "Anonymous" for giving us a torrent... I am downloading it right now and I look forward to checking it out even if by the looks of it it seems to be quite a different take on the subject.