Monday, April 27, 2009

more latex legs selling

here's part of the advertising campaign that is more about the latex tights and legs than it is about the mascara.

i did find a flash animated page for the mascara, though sadly i lost it and not been able to successfully re-google-it. did i just invent a word there? i did find a flash game on their main site.

it also makes me wonder how interested other women will be with simply the mascara when the deep glossy black sheathed legs and divine high heels are the central focus. so what are they really selling? on quick glance its latex!


ps; found the flash promo. couldn't bring myself to edit the post after i came up with the term 're-google-it' :-)

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Gerez said...

True, I´m not sure about the ability of this ad to sell the product they want, but is perfect to sell latex leggings.
Prpbably this campaign won´t work as they planned, but I´d love to see more and more women using stilettos and latex stockings/leggings.

Excellent Blog.

By the way, Asudem is a mirrored Medusa, Lol.