Friday, April 10, 2009

know exactly where they are...

i had another look at Rubber Pal and noticed they have a google map locater now.

so you can see exactly where all the members are in the world.

the United Kingdom certainly has a very high density of latex and rubber fetishists now doesn't it? and thats just the ones who are public about it

i wonder if they'll ever connect it all to Google Streets so you can exactly where they all live?



MoF said...

Remember....Must Remove Pin....Cannot let them find me....

Anonymous said...

Which pin, the blue one? ^__^

It's really starting to look like a "blonde cheerleader" scenario there in the UK, with regards to fans of tight-n-shiny. To wit: Good luck with finding anyone specific in California if all you have to go on is that they're a "blonde cheerleader".

Really, it could be so much worse.

They're not tracking "dollers" specifically, and I doubt there's a map of that for my neck of the woods anyway. That would be bad, there'd be what, *One* pin on my city, maybe *two* up around Chicago, that's about it. o_o

But I've already said too much, as is usual.

Bradley Poe

Anonymous said...

I would advise all to keep it a little more on the QT as it were about actual identities and locations. Maybe a Londoner has little to worry about but it's starting to reach NY, if not the city yet... what is it? It's called Gang/Organized/Cause stalking. It's rampant in cities with conservative leadership and closed oversight of their law enforcement. In short they expanded neighborhood watch groups after 9/11, but the groups closed their ranks to outsiders, and they will target dissidents, drug users and those someone thinks is a "sexual deviant". They are aided by hundreds of thousands (nationwide) of Stasi-like snitches the gov't recruited to watch for terrorism- again, infested by ideologues and fundies who don't like "perverts" in their neighborhoods. Just frequenting an adult book store might get you "targeted" and they will have a number of strangers watch and try to ruin you.
And I wish this was a joke. You are especially at risk if you live alone.
See the ACLU report on "surveillance". This is reality, you're doing something lawful in your home behind closed doors and a neighbor can't live with that. The government offered him a few hundred bucks a month to look out for signs of "terrorism and threats of all kinds".
We never imagined it would come to this.

Anonymous said...

Dear Anon, Re: "cause Stalking",

Thanks kindly for your concern, but...

This has already been going on, to some degree, for decades. It's a part of US culture by now. I get reminded of this every time someone like Matt Shepard gets hunted down and murdered.

And yeah, I know that the internet allows things to get organized and/or paid-for easier, ok? But you know what? It also allows false info to spread as well. Even Wikipedia has a reputation for being "unreliable" lately thanks to it's emphasis on peer-contributed content.

So, yeah, I'm probably not as worried as I should be. But then again, I have more than a few things working in my factor. The common form of my name is not the easiest to disambiguate--without giving too much away, there are at least three other men online with my name and two others besides with my initials and last name.

And that doesn't count organization names, to say the least. ^__^ *lol*

Also....I live my online life as transparently as possible. It's just a habit of mine, I hide my passwords and nothing else. What this means is that the *good* info, and/or the PG-Rated, all-ages info, gets out there as well as the bad.

And I can assure you that the footprint of my non-adult info stays fairly large lately. Last time I googled myself the last ASFR linkage I could find that was mine was over five years old and on page 20 of the search. This was *before*, mind you, I started doing more stuff of an ordinary sort online, to make the footprint of my non-adult info larger.

So, without giving much more away about other circumstances that may or may not be protective, I'll just say: To find anything "deviant" about me, a would-be stalker would have to a) know exactly what to look for, AND b) ignore all the *non-deviant* info about me out there, AND c) be 110% percent sure they have the right person. All three things.

I try to live my online life as tranparently as possible....but I also try to be halfway smart about it too.

Thanks kindly for your concern,

Brad Poe (but which one? Seriously.)

Anonymous said...

Brad... it seems to depend a lot on where you live. While this stalking network seems to exist in some form in most major cities, what might get you on their list in Dallas may not at all raise their attention in say Toronto. Nothing wrong with an attitude of being straight forward, but a lot has changed since 9/11 and in a lot of pockets of the US, as in the '80's, the fundies seized power where they could. Everyone should just be aware of the community they live in, and know that the media all but completely ignores this so it could be happening and you'll not know it until it's too late- and once targeted it seems to be for life.